During these last few weeks in December, we often notice a holiday slowdown in the hiring world. Hiring managers tend to push off their recruitment duties until the new year, whether it is due to budget freezes or the burden of coordinating busy schedules with holiday vacations. For recruiters (like our team here at Xtreme) that could mean candidates being placed on hold in the interview process, out-of-office email notifications from hiring managers, and a stall on placements until the new year. So, how can recruiters stay productive this month? By utilizing the downtime to source prospects and build up your hiring pipeline. December is a great time for sourcing as potential candidates are considering new goals and possible career moves in the new year.

Ready to source? Here are our top four tips for sourcing candidates to close out 2017:

  1. Build future-oriented candidate pipelines, even if you don’t have a role open for a candidate yet.
    Your sourcing efforts don’t need to be hyper focused on just one-or-two roles. Instead, use this time to source with the intention of building up a solid talent pipeline for future open roles. Focus on the specific technologies and skills your clients are actively seeking. Having a candidate-centric sourcing strategy will help speed up the placement process once the right roles open up for the quality candidates that you’ve added to your pipeline.

  2. Don’t place too much focus on salary.
    It’s too early in the game to weed out prospective candidates due to salary expectations. In today’s competitive job market, many companies are offering valuable perks that go beyond just salary to attract top talent. Maybe the candidate would take a pay cut in exchange for a shorter commute? Or maybe the candidate values work-life balance over annual salary? With the wide variety of total compensation packages available, don’t get too hung up on salary during this initial sourcing stage.

  3. Test out A/B Messages.
    We’re not huge fans of sending out one massive, generic email template to potential candidates. Why? Because these blanket emails tend to get lost in an inbox and don’t always stand out. Instead, add some personalization to your sourcing messages and test out different tones and approaches. Trying out different messaging styles can you help gauge which sourcing messages are more effective and generate higher response rates.

  4. Pick up the phone.
    So much of a recruiter's communication with candidates takes place from behind a keyboard, we often forget to pick up the phone. Taking the time to call your candidates can make you stand out against the competition and shows that you are adding a personal touch to your sourcing strategy, instead of sending out mass, generic messages. Bonus tip: don’t call a candidate during the actual holiday!


We hope these four tips help set yourself up for success in 2018! Put the work in now to source some talented prospects, and hopefully you can help them land their dream jobs in the new year. If you need help sourcing or hiring candidates, look no further than Xtreme. We have a talented team of veteran recruiters ready to deliver stellar talent who can help drive immediate value for your company.  Click the button below to connect and learn more!

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