Our hearts are overwhelmed with sadness for those affected by the devastating hurricane that is rolling through Southeast Texas. We encourage you all to consider making a donation to any organization that helps support the relief efforts. Today, we want to share what a local animal shelter is doing to help, and how you can directly impact the lives of pets coming from Texas during this time.

Seattle Humane has recently opened up a beautiful new facility at just the right time, allowing them to take in shelter pets from Texas. Shelters throughout Texas have been emptying their cages to make way for pets rescued from Hurricane Harvey; giving those lost during the strom the best chance of returning back to their original homes.

Xtreme is a proud sponsor and avid supporter of Seattle Humane, so we had to see their incredible work for ourselves. As we walked through the new facility we had conversations with volunteers and visitors looking to adopt.

First we spoke with Wayne Bowen, a long-time volunteer and design committee member at Seattle Humane. He gave us his take on how we can all help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey while being up in Seattle, “Donating supplies, food, toys, money, these are things that always help. This situation is a win-win for all pets involved. We are able to bring dogs that might not be wanted or have a chance down in Texas, to a city where dogs are adopted frequently. It’s opening up the space for dogs [and cats] that were affected by the hurricane to be reunited with their homes - giving them the best chance possible. We have nothing but love for these animals.” Throughout Bowen’s time volunteering with Seattle Humane, he let us know the one thing he’s noticed among all of the animals he comes across saying, “The dogs and cats coming out of SHS know that they are being rescued and you can see that gratitude the moment they walk out the door.”

Next we spoke with Ori Arieli, who started volunteering with Seattle Humane’s cats a little over a year ago. Arieli fell in love with the animals after his first time fostering with a different shelter a few years back. “They just want to be loved. Especially our senior cats. The kittens are adopted quickly. It’s great to see our senior cats adopted.” Collabs Page (1 of 1)-2.jpg

As we were speaking with volunteers throughout the facility we noticed a husky, named Stoli, in his space with a smile and a lot of fluff. However, when we saw him outside in a play area with a girl hopeful to adopt him, we couldn’t help but notice how lit up and happy this dog was. We struck up a conversation with Jana Scheuble, a current student at the University of Seattle, beyond excited to have found Stoli. Scheuble said, “I walked in here and I could easily leave with 5 dogs, but [Stoli’s] energy pulled me to him.” I asked her to share her advice for someone who may be on the fence about adoption. Her advice is simple, “Adopt, don’t shop. There’s a million dogs that need a home. If you come into the shelter, you will find yours! Just like I found him.”

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We also asked Bowen to share his advice for those who may be unsure of adopting dogs from a shelter and here’s what he had to say, “We want a happily ever after, just like you do. We ask a lot of questions to make sure you are getting matched with what your lifestyle can handle and needs. If you currently have a dog, we ask that you bring it in to meet the dog you’re thinking of adopting. If you decide that the dog is not a good fit for your family, then you can bring them back and they will find a family and lifestyle that fits.”

After going through health check-ups with veterinarians, the pets flown in from Texas will be ready for adoption as early as tomorrow. Seattle Humane will be flying in more pets from Texas in the coming days and weeks, all of which will be available for adoption 24-48 hours after their touchdown to Seattle. 

Here at Xtreme Consulting, we will be putting together a supply drive for Seattle Humane, so that these animals have all they need to be happy before getting adopted. If you would like to bring in donations for the Seattle Humane supply drive, please email volunteer@xtremeconsulting.com or feel free to take your donations directly to Seattle Humane!

How you can help:

  • Sign up to foster dogs and cats at the Seattle Humane Society by emailing emergencyfoster@seattlehumane.org
  • For more volunteer opportunities, the next orientation is Sept. 12 at Newport Library in Bellevue at 11:30 a.m. You can find more information here.
  • Check Seattle Humane’s Amazon Wish List.

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