When you think of negotiating in the workplace, often times salary is the first to come to mind. But that is just one of the many perks on the table for negotiation. Between your job title, opportunities to work remote and additional paid time off - here are five things aside from your salary that you can negotiate.

Job Title.

Say you’re considering a role and the job description is very similar to a Project Manager role, however the title is listed as “coordinator.” If you see a role and you want to boost the title, within reason, bring it up! The job title can increase your value and aid in future opportunities, whether that’s internal or with a different company.

Flex Hours.

More companies now are getting into the idea of allowing flex work hours. Why? It’s simple; the company is benefitting from your elevated productivity and efficiency. If you are more productive in the early hours of the day, you may be hoping that your next position has an early start to their workdays, same goes for the night owls who are more productive in the evenings. During the interview process, ask questions like, “What’s a typical workday look like? When do people typically clock in and out?” If you have gone through the interview process without the conversation coming up organically, I suggest waiting until an offer is on the table. This is a wonderful time to collect that final information you need before taking the position. While flex hours are a great perk for employees, it’s not one to be abused - make sure that you aren’t staying beyond a reasonable hour and vice versa.

Working Remote.

If your job requires you to be present with your team, clients, or customers - it’s best not to negotiate remote work. However, if it is not required of you to be present 24/7, ask about the opportunity. Before you ask about working remotely, you must understand your work style. If you are not productive in your home, do not ask for remote flexibility just to save on gas money or skip the morning traffic. The idea is to enhance your productivity and put your best foot forward in your next position. Look at potentially working 1-2 days a week from home. When making a case to your potential employer, let them know why you are interested in working remote and how it benefits your quality of work.

Shorter Work Weeks.

While we’re talking about time in and out of the office with flex hours and remotely working, maybe you’re someone who likes to have that one day of the week for yourself before the weekend starts. If you’re able to focus for longer days, to get that one free day - go for it! You can ask about ten-hour work days for a reduced 4-day workweek. If that seems like too much, consider 4 nine-hour days and then a half-day of work Friday morning. With 4 nine-hour work days, you could get home and start your weekend by Friday’s lunch.

Paid Time Off.

Most companies will have their paid time off policies already written, however some companies are willing to extend their written hours to employees on an individual basis. Don’t go crazy and ask for three weeks, stick to one week. If they are hesitant, you could offer to spread the additional PTO out one day at a time. For example, take a Friday or Monday off once a month; this will have less of an impact on your work and your team.

Negotiating perks never hurts, the worst the employer could say is a simple, “no.” Whether you want to negotiate your job title or flexible work hours, check out the list above for opportunities! Click the orange button below to get started on finding your next position by speaking to one of our recruiters! They’ll help you find the position and company that is right for you!

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